Romantic Key Largo Getaway

Would you believe me if I told you that you can find a hiding paradise in Key Largo, FL? That was actually my husband’s surprise for our second wedding anniversary celebration, and as you requested, today I will share all the details about this romantic experience..


We started our journey on Sunday. We drove to Key Largo from Miami (it’s one hour and a half away by car) until we arrived at our lodging.


If you asked me if I would go back to this place right now, my answer would be: when do we start packing? 

Bungalows Key Largo are designed to transport you to another placethanks to its special atmosphere with Buddah statues around that make you feel like you are in Bali. The bikes, the little bungalows, and the vibes makes everything a unique experience. I can tell you firsthand that everything there is designed for you to getaway from your daily routine without going too far.

Key Largo Weekend

We were at Bungalows from Sunday to Tuesday. The cost per night varies between $1500 to $2000 depending on accommodations for couples or families. All the bungalows have an inner garden with a private tub and open-air garden shower you will fall in love with (if you go to my Instagram Highlights , you will see how much I loved this space).

This is an experience that has it all for you to live a romantic weekend escape.


This is not very common in the U.S., which makes this trip even more attractive. This resort is All-Inclusive. You can drink and eat all you want. Plus, they are offering a special discount for Florida residents.



After we had checked in to our Bungalow, we officially started our anniversary escape having a few cocktails by the sea and a tasty shrimp appetizers. Then we enjoyed a pleasant time at the tub of our room, and in the nighttime, we went to dinner at Sea Señor. We finished the day at the bar, and I tried a Margarita cocktail made with guava, Guavarita (I highly recommend it)..


Gym during vacays? Of course!That’s why after our bike ride through the resort, I worked out at the gym of the resort, which I loved because it was well-equipped with peloton machines that have online classes. After that, we went to have breakfast (all breakfasts are included), and then we prepare ourselves for our first activity of the day that started with Kayaking.

After we rented a Floating Tiki Boat in which we enjoyed a tour through the sea, and we connected with nature, we saw pelicans, manatees, sea stars, mangroves, super tasty cocktails (you have to bring them from the hotel) and we ended the day in the light of the stars in the outdoor tub, and had dinner at their Italian restaurant.


I started the day with my Skinny Detox Tea to begin detoxing my body after these days in which, even though I keep my healthy eating, it is good to help the body to do its elimination process.

We said goodbye to the resort with the last bike ride, and then we headed to one last place before going home, Isla Morada.

Isla Morada is 25 minutes away from Key Largo, going to the south. Once there, we enjoyed the pleasant ambiance at Isla Morada Brewery Distillery, where we had a beer sampler (you need to try the coconut beer). Our trip ended having lunch at Morada Bay, a beautiful restaurant right on the beach.


. Bike ride: they offer bicycles for tours around the resort.

. Pools: You can enjoy two pools, a private one in the spa area and a large one.

. Gym: I loved it because it was outdoors and had sufficient equipment.

. Spa: it does require an additional payment.

. Snorkeling

. Kayaking

. Yoga


Inside the resort you will find 3 restaurants:

  • Sea Señor: a good Mexican option in which we enjoyed our first dinner.
  • Fish and Tales: Another restaurant option within the resort for the Mediterranean and Italian food.
  • Bogie & Bacall’s: if you are looking for a slightly fancier option within the resort, this is it. The cost per dinner per person is $ 300, and if you stay more than 5 nights, you can enjoy a free dinner there.


  • Go during spring, you will enjoy the nice weather, and you will not feel so hot. Bring sweaters and pants for the night.
  • You will have access to the beach surrounded by mangroves. If you prefer to go to the beaches and enjoy the sand and the coast, you can venture out with jet skis.
  • Although Check-In is at 4:00 pm, they give you the option of Check-In at noon if you pay extra for that.
  • If you celebrate something special and want to surprise your partner, the Resort staff can do it for you (from flowers, strawberries to chocolate, champagne, everything). Keep in mind that once in the Bungalows, you will not have much stuff nearby.

If you live in Florida and would like to travel but you are still afraid to take a plane for fear of Covid, I recommend 100% this experience near Miami.

That is all for now. I hope to share more travel tips soon. ©

Mucho amor,


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