A birthday party without spending too much: is it possible?

I want to help you plan your birthday party on a budget as I did with mine. For my 28th birthday, I wanted to do something different. But it wasn't until the last minute that I organized everything.

The last year I spent my birthday in quarantine due to the Coronavirus, and we celebrated it via Zoom. Since my husband and I, as well as most of my friends already got the vaccine, I decided why not throw a birthday party?

Also, since I haven’t had the chance to enjoy much of my new house, a pool party at home seemed to be the best option. So, I did it! Here I will share with you all the details for you to plan your birthday party on a budget.

How did I organize the birthday party?

As I mentioned before, I didn’t organize this too much time in advance. The plan was to have a small gathering with friends and to take advantage of the outdoor space of my new house such as the pool and the garden. From there, the idea of having a pool party was born and that is why the whole theme was super Miami style, casual and relaxed.

For being something that was thrown together last minute, I was not planning to break the bank on the party. Do you think it’s necessary to spend a lot on a birthday party? You will be surprised that it doesn’t.

The décor of the pool party

I thought about getting everything on Amazon, and then I discovered this shop, Five Below, where the price of everything was between $1 to $5..

I shopped their pool floats, towels, pool games, even sunscreen. I spent around $100 there..

Also, I have the cutest balloon arrangement made by Balloons By Andrea, with flamingos and my nickname on it. Check their page to take a look at their work because they have affordable prices for the incredible work they do

What is a birthday party without drinks?

I wanted to enjoy my pool party, and being the host can be exhausting. That’s why I hired Mr. Frank Miami to be in charge of the cocktails of the party. I gave them my stevia stash to prepare sugar-free drinks.

Depending on the size of the party, the price varies. Take in mind how many bartenders you will need and how many cocktails you will probably need to make for your guests.

I chose for my cocktails Moscow Mule and Pineapple Mojito.


The catering of the party

I wanted to have something tasty and different for the pool party, so I found catering options from JH CARNE EN VARA A LA LLANERA that was amazing. The food was delicious and included: arepas, salad, steaks, sausages, and yuccas.

The catering was for 20 people, cost $200.

The birthday cakes

I got one birthday cake from Hierro Light that had a cool theme of an Executive Barbie with a laptop and everything. They also included Apollo (my little dog).

The other sugar-free cake I had was a gift from a friend with a Michi’s motive. That one was from Sweet By Yis.

Last but not less important is the music of the party

I decide to have a DJ and a live music group, Grupo Kramba. This turned to be one of the best parts of the birthday party. One of the things I love about them is that they not only play and sing, but they actually host the party and play games with the guests. So, this helps to keep the mood up.

They play Latin songs and English ones. Also, they have karaoke.

The outfits for my Birthday Party
The dress code for the pool party was, of course, bathing suits. Here you can find the looks that I wore during my birthday party:

Hot-Pink Swimsuit
You can find it at Cristalinas Swimwear 

Rose Gold Swimsuit for my pre-birthday photoshoot (I wore it after the Hot Pink)
You can find it at Aguacate Boutique 

Gold Jumpsuit that I wore to dance
You can find it at Modo.Boutique 

That was all about my 28th birthday party. I hope this info turns to be interesting for you to plan a party without spending too much in with a short amount of time.

Mucho amor


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