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About Michelle

Michelle Posada is a renowned businesswoman, actress, influencer, and chef at her own restaurant Michi’sHer career began in television commercials and movies from an early age in her native Venezuela. 

At the age of 20 she emigrated to Miami, FL, and while she worked as an actress for soap operas in her spare time, she dedicated herself to cooking healthy recipes and sharing them on social media. Her recipes quickly went viral and in 2017 she decided to open her restaurant Michi’s with a healthy multicultural menu marked with Latin flavor.

She does cooking segmented for Telemundo and Univision making her delicious, healthy, and quick recipes.

In 2019, she was nominated and finalist at the TECLA AWARDS in the city of Los Angeles as BEST FOOD CONTENT CREATOR.

In 2020 Posada founded its brand of healthy products called Michi's Wellness with products that have caused a sensation and have been named in People en Espanol such as Michi's Skinny Detox Tea, Michi's CBD, sugar-free spreads, and amaranth wafers. This same year she was named Business Woman of the Year by the Coral Gables City Chamber of Commerce and recognized with the HISPANIC HERITAGE ENTREPRENEUR AWARD of Buena Vida Media.

In 2021, she was chosen by People Magazine as Speaker for Poderosas Virtual.



In 2017, Michi's opened with the goal of creating a foodie community and offering healthy versions of the foods we all love to eat: a whimsical mix of favorite dishes and delicious meals that no one can turn down.

In 2019 she launched her new venture "Michi's Skinny Detox Tea". A relentless entrepreneur, in 2020 she launches for sale her new proposal: Michi's CBD, a product that does not contain THC, to continue breaking the taboos that are still present in society. The same year Michi's celebrated its third anniversary, Posada was honored as "Best Restaurateur" at the Business Women of the Year Awards by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce.

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The Actress

Michelle Posada Michelle Posada began her acting career at an early age. Her talent got her to be in major dramatic productions on television, theater, and film.

Her talent is not her only weapon, but also her training. She studied at the CICA academy in Venezuela, the Zavaleta Institute and the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami. She has appeared in Betty in NY, Route 35, Under the Same Sky, Scandals, among other television hits, and TV commercials.


The Influencer

With more than 150,000 followers on Instagram alone, Michelle Posada has become an influencer on various social media platforms. Her success as a content creator linked to healthy food and lifestyle has led her to become a role model for those who are making their way into the digital world.

Working with brands like Amazon, Toyota, Lexus, Hair Plus, EPL Diamonds, Nissan, Neutrogena, and many more.

Michelle Posada Influencer
Michelle Posada Chef Saludable

The chef

El amor por la cocina siempre ha estado en Michelle desde muy joven. Su restaurante Michi’s en donde recrea los sabores tradicionales de la comida internacional pero en versiones sin culpa se ha convertido en toda una sensación desde su inauguración en 2017.

Michelle obtained her certification as a Healthy Chef at the Mariano Moreno Culinary School, and training in vegan food at Plant Culinary, she is also is a culinary contributor for major television networks to share her gastronomic creations and recipes for success.

Michelle Posada Chef Saludable

The Girl Boss

A sus 18 años ya Michelle Posada era dueña de un food truck en su natal Venezuela y a sus 23 emprendió su propio restaurante de comida saludable “Michi ‘s” en la ciudad de Doral, Florida.

La reinvención está a la orden del día en su vida y poco a poco se ha ido abriendo caminos con su propia tienda de productos saludables Michi’s Wellness bajo su marca y con envíos internacionales, sus seminarios digitales RECETAS DEL ÉXITO para  nuevos emprendedores y sobre todo la gerencia de un equipo de trabajo comprometido en ofrecer más que buena atención una experiencia inolvidable a través de sus productos y servicios.

Michelle Posada The Girl Boss


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